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Kangen Water Machines, Benefits, Leveluk K8 vs SD 501

In this article I’ll talk about Kangen Water machines, what benefits they provide and specifically Leveluk K8 and SD 501 comparison, since those are the top 2 machines that Enagic offers.

First of all, what is Kangen Water? It is ionized alkaline water produced by Enagic’s kangen water machines. That’s the gist of it.

For those of you who haven’t heard from me in a while, my life has changed quite a bit in the last several years.

I’ve become a healthier version of myself in several different ways.

I’ve cut back on drinking, and only enjoy it with friends and family, I no longer stress about material things and I have been introduced to Kangen Water and have been a fan boy and even signed up as a distributor since!

I’d like to make a quick intro to the concept of alkaline water and talk specifically about it’s benefits.

First off, Kangen Water is NOT a scam. Enagic is an alkaline water ionizer producer based in Japan, who uses Multi Level Marketing as their sales system. This is how people who purchase a machine can become distributors and then sell those machines and earn a commission from their sales. They can also build a team and treat it as a business.

I personally learned about it after reading thisĀ kangen water website, where the author talks about a variety of benefits, and I felt like I could really benefit from drinking this water. Low and behold, I was RIGHT!

There are many testimonials out there talking about this water, but there are also a ton of competitors who like to bash the company, so if you ever read about Enagic or Kangen Water online, make sure you understand what bias the writer might have and whether or not they are trying to sell you a different water ionizer machine. I for example, love the water and own a kangen machine, so that’s my bias.

All I want to do is spread the work about this amazing water and let as many people as possible know that it’s out there.

One of the ways kangen water helps your body, is by making it more alkaline, rather than acidic. Just FYI, cancer cells and tumors are acidic according to this article.

Here’s a little chart paint a picture about acidity and alkalinity:

So, about the kangen water benefits… Below are a few that I and others have experienced:

  1. Increased hydration
  2. Ease of drinking kangen water
  3. Better sleep
  4. Increased energy
  5. Cleansing after about a month of use
  6. Detoxification
  7. Mind Clarity

And much more!

One of the most common ways for distributors to promote the machines is to set up a live presentation, there are also many videos online, I’ll post one below for you to check out.

During these presentations, folks will show you different tests performed on the water and gather readings such as ORP with an ORP meter.

Here’s a quick explainer video where they touch on cancer:

Now that you know about kangen water and have a better understanding of it’s benefits, let’s talk about the machines.

The top residential-use machines are Leveluk K8 and Leveluk SD501. Both are fantastic devices.

Leveluk K8

Leveluk K8 Kangen Machine

Leveluk K8 is currently the top of the line home-use machine. It looks great, has several handy features like a touch screen, auto shut-off, multiple languages, extra platinum-coated titanium plate and much more. Leveluk K8 costs around $5000 and is Enagic’s top of the line water ionizer.


  • Clean design
  • Extra languages
  • Recent design
  • Has 8 platinum-coated plates


  • Higher Price


Leveluk SD501

Leveluk SD501 Kangen Machine

Leveluk SD501 was Enagic’s flagship machine, until they brought K8 to the market. This is the OG.

It has a more “medical” look and design, and is the machine that lots of celebrities have. Leveluk SD 501 cost right around $4000, so there’s a significant difference in price between the two machines.


  • Lower price
  • Produces great kangen water
  • Tried and true


  • Less attractive design that K8
  • Only has 7 platinum-coated plates

I personally have the SD501, but certainly understand why people would get the K8.

I will keep this post updated with new findings.