Sprinkler story


Taking advantage of the money savings rebates on new rotary sprinkler nozzles was much easier than I thought. “Money saving rebates?” Yeah, sure, I have heard that before – many hoops to jump through and a lot of requirements that are nearly impossible to meet. But this time was much different – the rebates actually work.
I first learned of the new water-saving rotary type sprinkler heads from visiting www.dcwater.org. Through researching information about these heads, I learned that outdoor watering by my sprinklers is by far the largest percentage of water use at my home (more than washing, showering, etc.), so anything that would reduce my water usage outside will definitely impact my water bill. With a simple click through www.dcwater.org, I found out which of the new rotary sprinkler nozzles qualified for rebates from my water provider. In one short afternoon, I visited a local retailer, purchased enough of the new heads to replace all my sprinklers, replaced all the nozzles and then filled out the rebate form to send into my provider.

From the time I walked into the retailer, installed and adjusted all the newly installed rotary sprinkler nozzles, adjusted my sprinkler clock and filled out the rebate form, the total time was about three hours. The best part is that the rebate will totally cover the complete cost of the new rotary sprinkler nozzles, so there will be no “payback” time and all of the savings on my water bill go directly in my pocket from the moment I installed the new rotary sprinkler nozzles.

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